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    Wildfire safety for Scripps Ranch

    With fire season and Red Flag warnings upon us, Scripps Ranch residents must always be on alert.

    Because of the community’s proximity to the backcountry, and because it is located in a wooded area, Scripps Ranch faces year-round fire danger.

    As your County Supervisor representing you, I know it is my duty to do everything possible to protect you. That’s why Assemblyman Brian Maienschein and I are working together on an important fire-safety project for Scripps Ranch.

    After we were approached by residents concerned about safe evacuation routes in Scripps Ranch in the event of a major fire, we immediately set out to see what could be done to alleviate the concerns. Our staff, along with a San Diego Fire-Rescue representative, went out in the field to document the heavy trees and shrubs along Pomerado Road, a major entrance and exit route.

    Based upon the report, and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s concerns, we are now working to help clear this brush.

    As is the case for most projects, there is a lot of red tape that must be dealt with to move forward on brush clearing. Costly permits, jurisdictional boundaries and sensitive habitat must be taken into account. We are currently working quickly to develop a detailed plan as to how brush management will occur. And we are trying to lock up a funding source. There are many obstacles but we are making progress.

    Once a plan is set involving how the brush management will be carried out, we will apply for funds. There are a few State grants that have been identified as possibilities to fund this project. Clearing brush takes many man-hours so the cost is fairly substantive.

    I wish I could just pick up a sickle and start cutting back brush. But it is important to follow the letter of the law when clearing.

    It has been a pleasure to work with Assemblyman Brian Maienschein.

    I hope this information helps to keep you all in the loop about what is being done help keep your community fire-safe. I understand how terrifying wildfires are, especially when they can be so close. I will continue to work on this issue on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time if you have questions or concerns.